Our school is the only IKO Certified school in Panama and all our students are in the best possible hands with our incredible team of international IKO Certified instructors. We use the best teaching technics and only the latest gear to make sure we provide the best service for our clients, with safety beeing our first priority. To make sure this happens, we have our “one-on-one” teaching philosophy.

Kiteboarding is our lifestyle and we like to keep it that way.

Our kitesurfing lesson programs will allow you to learn the way you want to, by respecting your progression rhythm and allowing you to find a lesson best adapted to you. You can choose different time formats, from one hour up to several days. There is neither age limit nor prerequisite apart from being able to swim and enjoy spending time in the water.

  • It is best to phone a few days in advance to schedule a lesson, especially on busy weekends.
  • Best wind is from 8 to 11 am and from 3 to 6 pm
  • Other lessons are usually scheduled early in morning 6:00 am and late afternoon 4:00 pm when the wind is the strongest.
  • Lesson prices include use of our equipment
  • Discounts of 25% on group lessons.


In eight hours we can take you from zero and get yourself to a self sufficient level.  These eight hours are divided in four two-hours sessions.


Change of direction without stopping, make a toe side turn, know the theory and the safety rules for jumping and land a basic jump.


Jump into you next level with double backrolls, backrolls with grabs, jumping into switch, frontrolls with grabs, frontrolls into switch, riding blind, jumping into blind, hooked-in kite loops and surface handle passes.


Feels like it is time to go unhooked? This course you will not only improve your freestyle skills a lot, but will also learn to understand what are the common mistakes that you can encounter during your future training, alone.