January 2014

Slingshot Vision 2014

Vision is what drives innovation and it is the force behind the new 2014 Vision twin-tip. Inspired by the performance and versatility of the RPM kite, the Vision was created to bridge the gap between competitive and recreational riding.

All the features on the Vision are carefully tuned to deliver a balanced ride for all ability levels and style. Starting with a completely new approach, we dialed in the Vision’s flex pattern to deliver outstanding pop and soft landings, regardless of whether you are riding boots or footstraps.

The Vision’s outline and chined rails prevents spray by focusing the water down and away from the rider. With the addition of laser cutting technology we were able to create the first ever “bonzer” channel configuration on a full wood-core board. Combined with a continuous rocker line that delivers smooth turns and landings while still providing maximum edge control and maneuverability. The 2014 Vision is built with the “legendary Slingshot construction” using only the highest-quality and greenest materials available.

Slingshot Crisis 2014

The 2014 Crisis delivers dynamic feel, provides solid upwind performance, effortless edge to edge control and ultra-soft landings in all conditions. Its progressive shape is ideal for advanced freeride tricks as well as riding the swell on those perfect downwinders. The Crisis is incredibly versatile and user friendly making it an ideal freeride board that you will never outgrow.


Slingshot Ballistic 2014

NEW for 2014, Slingshot introduces the Ballistic Kite Harness. Designed and developed by riders for riders, the Ballistic harness is the answer for any kiteboarder who values the ultimate in harness performance and fit.


  • 3-D Thermo molded exterior and Interior
  • Dual density exterior foam
  • 3-D Thermo molded spreader bar pad
  • Lock Down Spreader Bar System
  • Integrated handle and leash attachment
  • Flex Edge
  • Kite specific spreader bar
  • Waist belt closure
  • Fiberglass batten support
  • Neoprene buckle cover
  • Contoured design

Slingshot Glide 2013

Completely reengineered for 2013, the new Glide feeds off of efficiency. With this efficient new shape, we’ve provided more surface area and created a longer rail line to get the most out of your light wind conditions. The refocused shape allows you to ride upwind easily while reducing spray. The more narrow outline positions your heels closer to the edge for more power and control. The Glide’s ultra light core and super durable sidewalls are built to keep you on the water with minimal wind and still have fun while everyone else is sitting on the beach.

Ideal for riders looking to stay on the water in light wind conditions. High performance from jumping to freeride cruising sessions.


160 x 40.6 cm (37.1cm at tip/tail)


ALL SIZES: 21.25 in. to 28.50 in.




Board, Fins, Bolt-On 4.0 Bindings, Grab Handle


Fin Screws:
1/4 20 x 1/2 Truss Head Philips
Grab Handle Screws:
1/4 20 x 5/8 Truss Head Philips

Slingshot Fuel 2015

The Fuel has set the standard for C kite design for the last 13 years. The 2015 Fuel now includes a radically new bridling concept. The Fuel is the first C kite to employ our new Nitrous 4 point pulley less bridle system. This system allows you to run your Fuel two different ways. First, is in Nitrous mode with the bridle installed. Second, is in direct connect mode with the bridle removed. The first thing dedicated hard core riders will notice about the 2015 Fuel is the bridle comes installed, as engineered by our designer Tony Logosz. According to Tony, “The Fuel in Nitrous mode will deliver explosive pop, massive travel, and for the first time, you get incredible range. Nothing is sacrificed with looping speed or turnability. Basically it makes the Fuel fly like an RPM on Steroids.